Welcome to MNA's Disaster Response Volunteer Registration Website!
  Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer in the disaster response efforts of the Presbyterian Church in America. Please complete this volunteer registration form carefully and accurately. Once your completed form is received, you will be contacted by an auto-email response to ensure your registration has officially been received. If you do not receive the auto-email response, please contact us directly at mnadisasterresponse@pcanet.org.

A background screening is required as part of the volunteer registration process in your auto-email response you will receive a link to Data Facts for the background screening. This background screening is required by MNA Disaster Response at the request of the General Assembly as part of the Child Protection Policy instituted in the 2015 General Assembly. The background check is performed by Data Facts https://mnavolunteer.quickapp.pro and clears the volunteer for three years of service with MNA Disaster Response. The $8.00 fee for this background screening is paid electronically directly to Data Facts by the prospective volunteer. Once the Data Facts application has been processed, the prospective volunteer and MNA DR will receive a copy of the results.

Acceptance to serve as a volunteer with MNA Disaster Response will be based upon completion of the online volunteer registration form and a clear background screening. If you have any questions about completing the form, contact mnadisasterresponse@pcanet.org.

The assignment of volunteers is based on the findings from our continuing assessments in the area directly affected by the disaster. Needs vary greatly from day to day, and in the initial days following a disaster, hour by hour. We appreciate your patience as we mobilize volunteers as efficiently as possible.

Please indicate whether you are registering as an Individual or Church Team. A Church Team registration must be completed by the Team Leader ONLY.
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